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Armor Stand Minecraft

Posted: Nov 11, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Armor stands in Minecraft allows for a lot of creativity, but some players may not know that. Whether you’re wanting to completely customize one with unique poses or simply show off your armor, these can be a fun aspect to the world. An armor stand is easy-to-use, but can quickly become complicated depending on how you use it. For instance, making one with arms to display weapons requires a special command. Although, most of the time you and players alike will craft them without any customization. Either way, there are tons of options and ideas for armor stands in your Minecraft world. With this said, let’s explore how to make and use them.

A Brief History

Way back in 2014, Minecraft’s 1.8 update introduced armor stands for players to create and use in their worlds. These are mainly decorative items, like signs or banners that get displayed over bases. Since its official release, there haven’t been any changes due to its simplicity. However, this didn’t stop creative players from experimenting with armor stands. Some builders and developers use them for custom maps, plugins, mods, and other unique projects. This is due to an armor stand being considered as an entity, as it can be summoned via a command with NBT tags. In other words, players can completely customize and create awesome builds using those special parameters. There are tons of interesting ways you and others can implement armor stands in Minecraft, which range from simple to complex designs.

Minecraft Armor Stand


Crafting Recipe

Armor Stand Recipe

Before using armor stands, you’ll want to craft them in your survival world. Don’t worry, it’s not expensive to make at all since it only requires 6x Sticks and 1x Smooth Stone Slab. This means these items are widely available to all players, whether you’re in a Minecraft server or singleplayer world. If you can’t be bothered to craft an armor stand, then you can be a “cheater” and use creative mode. It’s alright, no one will judge you for spawning one in the game.

However, normie players use the above methods to obtain armor stands. If you’re a spicy builder, then try using the /summon command to obtain one. This allows you to completely control the entity and its many properties. Although, it requires cheats in singleplayer or operator privileges on servers to do it.

Using an Armor Stand

Minecraft Armor Stand Poses

Once an armor stand is obtained, either through commands or the normal way, you can now use it! This is the exciting part, as players can start decorating their base by adding armor, elytras, pumpkins, or mob heads to them. These are very similar to statues, but using a command will allow for more features such as customizable arms, legs, heads, and more. Due to the number of different possibilities, you might want to check out this generator to help you understand. Additionally, we’ll go through examples down below to get you started.

No Base Plate with Arms

Using this type of armor stand allows you to have a true statue, without a base plate. On top of that, you can have weapons in their arms to make it look cooler. Using this type will make your base come to life, especially if you customize its arms, legs, and head in the command. However, it’s not required and some players would rather have a default looking armor stand with unique aspects. If that’s you, then use the following command to spawn it in your world.

Armor Stand Arms Minecraft
/summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {NoBasePlate:1b,ShowArms:1b}


Floating Invisible Pumpkin
Invisible Armor Stand Minecraft

If you’re wanting to build a spooky base or something along those lines, then using this particular armor stand might help. This is due to it being a floating pumpkin, which cannot be destroyed. It can be any type of block you want, but pumpkins are the scariest to randomly encounter. Imagine if your friends walk into their room and see this, they’d be scared off! Besides trolling players, it does offer a lot of base designs since the pumpkin can be replaced with any block. Regardless of how you use this armor stand, try it out for yourself with the command down below.

/summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {Invisible:1b,NoGravity:1b,ArmorItems:[{},{},{},{id:"pumpkin",Count:1b}],HandItems:[{},{}]}


Tiny Guard with Sword

Now for my personal favorite, a miniature armor stand with a little sword. This is super fun to have around your bases, as these little guys will protect everything. Okay, maybe not everything or anything at all. These are just decorations afterall, but still offers a fun aspect to the game. This is especially true if you combine other features from previous examples, making the ultimate small dude with any custom name. You know the drill, use the following command to spawn it.

Tiny Armor Stand Minecraft
/summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {Small:1b,ArmorItems:[{},{},{},{id:"player_head",Count:1b}],HandItems:[{id:"diamond_sword",Count:1b},{}],CustomName:'{"text":"Guard","color":"red"}',CustomNameVisible:1b}



Whether you’re going to use armor stands in a custom map or decorate your base, these introduce many possibilities to your world. Unique creations have already been made, such as complete block animations, new enemies, and strange structure statues. However, if you or others place too many armor stands, then it could create server lag. Remember, these are considered entities and not only items, meaning they’re treated differently. With this in mind, there are limitations to what you can do with armor stands. Although, most of the time you and other players will not notice or have any problems. Continue forward to explore armor stand designs to find the best one that suits your needs. We hope this helped you gamers understand more about these entities and how to use them.

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