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ARK: Survival Ascended – The Center DLC

Posted: Jun 5, 2024 in ARK: Survival Ascended

mc head By Nathan Young

Since the initial release of ARK: Survival Ascended, players eagerly waited for DLCs. The first was Scorched Earth, offering you a brand new world to explore, build, and conquer. Fortunately, there is another one available right now – The Center! Similar to the ARK: SE’s version, this DLC introduces one of the largest maps with tons of features. Grab friends and embark on a new adventure in ancient ruins, giant lava caverns, and so much more on your own ASA server.

With one of the biggest worlds in ARK, this might be the best journey to try out. Setting this up on your own dedicated server is extremely easy, as our Apex Hosting panel has convenient tools to quickly install The Center DLC. Let’s begin to explore all the features you can expect!


The Center – Large Map to Explore

Players looking for large maps in ARK: SA will be delighted to know that The Center DLC is the biggest yet – even surpassing Scorched Earth. Unlike The Island, you’re able to explore many new kinds of environments, terrains, caverns, and underwater areas. Whether you’re awestruck by extremely dangerous lava biomes or giant ice ruins, there’s always something for you in The Center. With its many diverse regions, players can choose from a wide variety of lands to call home. Experience a brand new journey in the largest DLC map for ARK to date on your own ASA dedicated server.

ARK The Center Ascended out now at Apex Hosting


The Center DLC Features

For better understanding the many different features in ARK: Survival Ascended The Center, review the list below.

  • Floating Island
  • Edge of the world/GIANT waterfalls
  • A vast underground world with its own ecosystem/sun
  • Lava Biome
  • Large underwater air bubbles found deep in the ocean for building bases in
  • Massive Ancient Ruins scattered throughout the world
  • Challenging End-Game Boss Encounters with Special Rewards!
  • Unique level design with tons of verticality
  • Features all of the regular ARK biomes from “The Island” Vast Ocean Systems
  • Giant Ice caverns with etched-out ice ruins
  • Lava caverns
  • Several unique cave systems, both regular and underwater


ASA The Center DLC
ARK: Survival Ascended The Center DLC new areas


Remastered Approach

Due to the upgraded graphics in ARK: SA, players are able to experience The Center DLC with brand new styles. Some areas in the world will be similar to its predecessor in Survival Evolved, but with overhauled visual improvements. The Unreal Engine 5 opens the door for realistic shaders, 3D textures, increased physics, smoother day/night cycle, and ray tracing. Make sure to have all your drivers updated, as this is one DLC you won’t want to miss!


ARK: Survival Ascended DLC Roadmap

The roadmap for ARK indicates more DLCs are coming soon – so expect even larger maps to try out. In the meantime, grab friends and start with The Center to have fun! You’ll see new dinos, items, areas, and bosses to conquer. If you don’t already have an ARK: Survival Ascended server with us, purchase one here. Play around with multiplier settings, install unique mods, and reshape how you’re able to enjoy ASA. If you have any questions or concerns, consider checking out our guides for the game. Otherwise, our Support Team will be happy to assist you.

Take on the many challenges in ARK: Survival Ascended with the brand new The Center DLC!

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