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ARK: Survival Ascended PlayStation and Xbox Server News

Posted: Nov 30, 2023 in ARK: Survival Ascended

mc head By Nathan Young

The initial release of ARK: Survival Ascended excited the gaming community, but was only published on PC platforms. This meant a wide range of players on consoles were unable to enjoy their beloved game. Fortunately, Studio Wildcard resolved that with their release of ARK: SA on both Xbox and PlayStation! There’s even crossplay compatibility, meaning you can create dedicated servers to play with friends. Dive into the prehistoric world and reach ascension with advanced technology to overcome challenges. Let’s begin to unravel the ARK: Survival Ascended Xbox and PlayStation release!

ARK: SA Xbox & PlayStation Launch!

Whether you’re using Steam, Xbox, or Windows 10, players have the ability to play ARK: SA together in the ultimate crossplay experience. This goes for PlayStation too, even with new official servers. Alternatively, create your own dedicated server with Apex Hosting to immerse yourself in The Island with others. Regardless of what platform you play ARK: Survival Ascended, there’s always crossplay compatibility and mods to try out. We give you complete control and access over the server, including disabling cross-platform features.

ARK: Survival Ascended Xbox PlayStation

Survivors of all kinds can now come together to kickstart wild adventures with dinosaurs and technology, slowly uncovering the secrets of ASA. Studio Wildcard is hard at work ensuring your experience across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC is the best! There are mods to experiment with, settings to tweak, and upcoming features to enjoy – keep an eye out for future updates. In the meantime, explore The Island and unlock engrams on your console with friends.

ASA Xbox & PlayStation Features

What can be expected when playing ARK: Survival Ascended on Xbox or PlayStation? Answering this reveals how much content and possibilities await you, the player. Expand your world with mods or try out official servers to make friends. There’s a wide range of features ready to go for both Xbox and PlayStation, including servers. We’ve summarized the console features below to help you learn more about them.

🎮 Crossplay Compatibility & Mods
Ability to play across all platforms with mods, enhancing the experience.

🖥 Dedicated Server Control
Have the opportunity to disable crossplay and tweak other settings.

🛠 24/7 Support Team
Highly qualified technical agents ready to assist with dedicated servers.

🌎 Official Servers
Public servers for both Xbox and PlayStation, along with boosted rates.

ASA Xbox PlayStation Server Hosting


Jump into ARK: Survival Ascended Today!

With the exciting news of ASA releasing on Xbox and PlayStation, start up a dedicated server to begin playing with friends. Whether you want crossplay or not, the choice is yours to make. Explore The Island and enhance your experience with mods or join official servers with boosted rates. Regardless of how you want to play ARK: Survival Ascended, you have endless options. We hope this news exhilarates you and others alike – have a good one, gamers!

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