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ARK: Survival Ascended Gigantoraptor Release

Posted: Mar 5, 2024 in ARK: Survival Ascended

mc head By Nathan Young

As ARK: Survival Ascended continues to receive updates, new and exciting features are introduced. Thousands of players await for extra dinosaurs since many consider this to be the best addition to their favorite game. Well – we have great news! In the most recent update, you can find and play with the Gigantoraptor in ASA. This is a large bird-like creature with dangerous claws, but is completely nurturing to others. There’s a lot to unpack with this lovely dino, so let’s get started!

New ARK: Survival Ascended Dino!

Introducing the Gigantoraptor to ARK: SA! This is currently a mod that players can download and install. You can begin exploring The Island to encounter this new dinosaur, but watch out – this creature protects its young against anyone. If you tread too carelessly, you might find yourself in battle with it. In other words, gigantoraptors feel easily threatened when it comes to their babies. They’ll use their sharp claws and agility to fight off enemies, so be cautious when approaching one. Is it possible to tame a Gigantoraptor? What can they be used for in ARK? Learn all about gigantoraptors in the subsection below!

Gigantoraptor Info

ARK Gigantoraptor

Players can tame a Gigantoraptor by earning the trust of their young, then having them reach adulthood. This involves you sneaking into its nest, so understanding the dinosaur is important before jumping into it.

  • Defensive of their babies and will attack when threatened
  • Not a fighter by heart, but rather a caregiver
  • Chooses to adopt nearby orphaned baby dinos
  • Nurtures any baby and teaches them how to fight
  • Uses a call sign to locate other young dinos


ARK: SA Gigantoraptor Release

The Gigantoraptor mod is now available for players to download and use in their ARK: Survival Ascended world. For more information about setting this up on your ASA server, click here. Use the 975282 Mod ID when following our link guide so everything works accordingly. Once installed, you can begin playing with gigantoraptors and using them to protect your dino babies. In future ARK updates, this dinosaur will become available in the base game – with no determined time as of right now. Grab friends and explore the wonders of this Gigantoraptor creature!

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