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Apex News: Creative Gametype Available Now!

Posted: Jun 4, 2019 in Minecraft Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

Apex News: Creative Gametype Available Now!


This awesome new gametype is for those who want to get a bit more Creative! Our fully fledged Creative gametype mode allows you to have even more tools to make those amazing builds and create a whole new world. With this, you have plots for people to show off their amazing works if you so choose, or have just a normal terrain among many other options. We also have tons of ranks to give to your players.


Builder: This is the default rank all player will get.
MasterBuilder: 4 Plots
Designer: 6 Plots
Engineer: 8 plots
Architect: 10 Plots, FreeBuild world
Terraformer: FreeBuild world.
Mod: Has basic staff commands like /ban, /kick, /mute ect
Admin: Has all permissions


Tons of other amazing plugins and features to allow you to decorate and enjoy with your friends and players. So get out there and create something amazing on your Apex Server with this new gametype! Soon we will have the results from the poll as well to share what the most requested gametype is you guys have been asking for!


Enjoy and until next time,

Team Apex

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