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Apex Hub World

Last modified on Jun 9, 2022 in Maps

mc head By ApexHosting


Hello everyone! Welcome to the official Apex Hosting server Hub! This beautiful landscape was crafted by one of our staff members, and we thank them very much! In this walkthrough, you will be shown the exquisitely crafted world in all its glory! This map showcases Apex Hosting’s workplace along with how we operate our servers, and you can experience it by joining the server on the IP: play.apexmc.co
We attest to the accuracy of the map. Now, enough talk! Let’s jump right in!

The Hub

the patio

When first spawned in, you are welcomed by a quaint patio surrounded by reflective stained glass panes. Nothing too fancy. No redundant holograms, no big arrows, just the insinuation of the open doors waiting for me. This patio is built into the side of a mountain as well. That’s pretty impressive! The view isn’t rendered yet, but looking over the rails will be worth it soon.

the office
the office 2

This is the office, where most of the online work is done. As you walk through, one can appreciate the smaller details. Lots of greenery keeps the workplace from feeling like a prison (I am not saying this because I am told to, I promise). I particularly liked how they made the grass feel like it was kept in shape by combining it with a grid of green wool. It creates this beautiful effect and really adds to the environment.


Now, you have to understand that here at Apex, we must ensure a good working environment. To simplify, we get a ton of cool things like kitchens, lounges, and the like. Again, I appreciate the detail and creativity that goes into thinking of these rooms, like how the flower pots are used as cups. The pressure plates are used as stovetops, and iron doors are used on a fridge! Very cool!


Just like any other office, we need a room where we can attend to… private matters. Let’s leave that open ended…


Here, next to the kitchen in the center of the wall you can find an indentation that acts as a shrine for all the Apex staff! (accuracy pending) These player heads represent the group of talented individuals who work hard to make this service what it is, and we wouldn’t be here without any single one of them.


At the back of the office is another lounge which definitely feels the most comfy. Lights all around while a huge chandelier hangs overhead that may be reminiscent of a certain company’s logo….hmm…


In the center of the office lies a fully functional elevator! Yup! You read that right. With the power of plugins and teamwork, this puppy will shoot you straight through all five floors of the Apex complex! Just sneak to go down, and jump to go up! I’ll be going down a floor since we’re at the top.

Game Portals
Game Portals

This next floor is gonna be the bread and butter for most of you. This is the Game Portals area. Massive portal doorways lead you to heaps of fun! Here, you can enter any portal to play its coinciding game. There’s plenty of gametypes to choose from. Paintball, Survival Games, skyblock, and more.


On the floor below the Game portals, there are tons of different rooms. An assortment of workstations, lounges and nice micro builds compose this floor and the next. My favorite microbuild here was a relaxing room with an enclosed beach and tree. Quite cozy.

huge room

The floor after that, the second to last floor offers much larger builds with a slightly darker tone. These are beautiful, grandiose builds that are meant for dozens of people to explore. I couldn’t decide between the two, but my favorite builds were the library and the huge room with the enormous pillars. They both have a unique style, and although I have no idea how the second one would be used it looks awesome!

server room

Finally, we’ve made it to the ground floor, the basement, the Data center. This area is a huge room with tons of servers that are all running. It’s quite chilly in here! The tiled floor and wiring runs above to ensure great performance for all our lovely customers!

server room

But wait, what’s this? A few dozen “data technicians” monitor and maintain all the servers. I hope they’re getting paid. Here, you might get to catch a glimpse of an Apex staff member here! A small table rests in the middle of the room with a familiar fixture overhead… Ok, I’ll say it! It looks like the Apex Hosting logo… I tried to hold it in, but I just couldn’t. Looks like that’s all this Hub has to offer – wait a minute? What’s that?


Looks like a backdoor was left open in the Data center! It looks like it leads to a darkish corridor lined with overgrown vines. Eerie… The data technicians are definitely gonna hear it from the big boss for leaving this out in the open! Anyway, let’s head down and see what we can find. I’m sure the higher ups are hiding some quality discounts down somewhere…

huge cavern

Woah! This is unexpected! A huge cavern with tons of protruding gemstones, and dangling lanterns. All of which is supported by the oak logs which act as scaffolding. Vines grown over the walls, mossy cobble showing the age of this area. Definitely not as modern as the office!

cave exit

Going through the cave, there seems to be an exit. I can see the rays of sunlight pass through the vines and wooden supports. Cobwebs and vines will soon be replaced with beautiful sunshine and awesome landscapes! I bet! Almost there…

huge pond

The exit leads to a very atmospheric pond along with some weird structure. Wait a minute, I remember this place! This is the Rack assembler. This is where all the hardware is made, which will then be transported to the Data center. The area could use a little bit of cleaning up, though. Vines everywhere, cobblestone riddled cave and all. I’ll be sure to relay the information. In the meantime, let’s go down the path and see what else there is.

forest of Spruce trees

A pretty thick forest of Spruce trees surround the path paved with gravel, cobble, and andesite. Rays of sunshine beam through the leaves (if you have shaders (; ) and it just looks mesmerizing. The walk isn’t short, but it doesn’t take forever either. After a few moments you should see something come into view…


A village! A little bit more built than a typical village, but it’s there. Stacked lumber can be found in the town plaza, along with a cauldron boiling with a pleasant aroma. There are also tons of structures along the mountainside which surrounds the village. My favorite build that I found here was this arena-type structure. It looked like it would be epic to beat the heck out of a noob or two there. There’s also a small lake with a pier, and a bridge that brings you to the mentioned arena. Let’s keep going down the path and see where it takes us.


Floral and pleasant, that village is nice. It ain’t no city, but it looks like honest work. The path becomes a little dirty, as it winds around the mountain side. My feet are getting tired! But, this is what it takes to be part of Apex. The end of the dirty, gravely path brought to a huge entrance that was dozens of blocks taller than myself. It lead to none other than the Portal Room! I wasn’t aware, but the whole map is connected in a loop! You can go all the way down the Apex complex using the elevator, and then right back to the top by following the path.

Where to download the map?

You can find a download to this awesome map here.

For instructions on installing the map to a Minecraft Server, you can view our full written and video tutorial here.


That’s all folks! I was really impressed with everything the Hub had to offer, and I’m sure to play again. Apex worked really hard to bring forth this beautiful map, where creativity and Minecraft meet. If you want to try and see this map for yourself, and play on our official Minecraft server, you can play on the IP: play.apexmc.co
Can’t wait to see you all, and have a great day!

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