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Apex Hosting Hytale Servers Are Coming!

Posted: Jul 30, 2019 in Company News

mc head By ApexHosting


Ever since the early announcements for Hytale, Apex Hosting support agents have been bombarded with the ever so important question we’ve neglected for the longest time. Does Apex Hosting plan to host servers for Hytale? Yes! Yes, we do! Clear your conscious, because Apex Hosting plans to fully support Hytale moving forward into the future.

However, at this time Hytale does not have an official release date nor have we got our hands on the server hosting software quite yet. But we are making some steps to make this happen when the time finally does come. Hytale’s expected release date is some time in 2021, so we’re on the lookout!

hytale ice

We are all very excited for this opportunity to branch out into another game and be one of the first to offer Hytale servers. We will work to keep everyone up to date when the news drops, but if you want to be the very first to know and get your server, be sure to sign up on our Hytale sign up page here! Hytale is only the beginning, as we are looking to greater heights while constantly improving our Minecraft hosting to be the best in the world!


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