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Apex Holiday Sale 2023 News

Posted: Dec 22, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Nathan Young

As the holiday season approaches, we here at Apex Hosting want to spread the cheer with everyone! Whether you want to host Minecraft or Valheim dedicated servers, we offer many games to play with friends. These cost money to run, but we understand the importance of saving – especially during the holidays. Keeping cash in your pockets while hosting a game server is our gift to you! We’re proud to announce our Holiday Sale, giving you a discount on your first invoice. There are loads of benefits when hosting with us, as we prioritize high performing and lag-free servers. This means we only use the best hardware and software to give you the ultimate gaming experience. Let’s discuss more about this sale and what we offer!

Ho-Ho-Host with the Most!

When selecting a game server from our Pricing Page, use code “APEX25” at checkout for a 25% discount on your first invoice. This is only valid through December 22nd, 2023 – January 7th, 2024. Regardless of what plan you choose, we’ll knock off ¼ of the total price! This comes in handy when you want to host with the best, along with saving money for extra goodies. We understand that some servers cost more than others, all determined by the game’s requirements. This is amplified by our powerful hardware used to ensure a high performing experience, unlike any other hoster! Additionally, our easy-to-use server panel makes it simple to edit settings, upload mods, or download files.

Apex Hosting Holiday Sale

Our values as the best in the industry is to focus on you, the customer. There are endless amounts of tutorials and guides to help you make the ultimate game server. On top of that, we have an international 24/7 Support Team that can assist you at any time. Whether you have a simple concern or serious inquiry, our technical agents will work with you to resolve the issue. We have a 5 star rating on Live Chat and always strive to provide the best support possible. If the troubleshooting requires more hands-on work, then we’ll continue helping you through our online Ticket service.

Start the Holiday with Apex Hosting

Kick off the holiday season with your dedicated game server to play with friends and family! Switch between multiple games and worlds to enjoy a wide variety of adventures. Amplify the fun with mods in Minecraft, Valheim, Rust, ARK, and more. We provide you with all the necessary tools to make the perfect server – even supporting you along the way. Whether you prefer vanilla or modded gameplay, you have the ability to do it all. Use our promo code to begin your hosting experience and embark on a wild journey during these holidays.

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