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Alternatives to Mineplex

Posted: Jun 9, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Playing minigames in Minecraft have been an extremely popular pastime for millions of players for years. This trend started almost a decade ago, leading the game’s community to create servers for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, some of them end up dying and cannot be sustained forever. Recently, one of the biggest pioneers of Minecraft minigames servers shut down due to financial reasons. Introducing Mineplex, an old competitor in the game’s scene that grew to enormous popularity over its lifespan. You and others may be sad to hear this news, especially if you’ve been playing on their network for years. Don’t worry! There’s alternatives to Mineplex that may just remedy the situation. However, you can’t forget all the memories shared in this now dead server. Whether you began playing early on in their creation or before they went under, this network has a warm spot in many hearts. Let’s take a moment to go through Mineplex’s history and showcase similar servers available right now so you may continue enjoying minigames in Minecraft.

The Rise and Fall of Mineplex

Way back in early 2013, Mineplex officially released to the public for all to try out. Within a short period of time, this server quickly became popular among the community. This is mainly due to Youtubers and other influential people hyping up minigames in Minecraft, among clever decision making by the server owners. For example, CaptainSparklez is a large persona in the game and joined Mineplex’s ownership team that increased the network’s player count. If you were a fan of this creator, then you’d almost certainly try out the server to see if it lives up to all the hype. This was proven to be the case, as thousands of users joined and made Mineplex a long lasting experience in Minecraft. Sadly, up until this point the network went under. Yup, the organization managing the brand had several internal issues from staff to debt. Eventually, they were forced to close down Mineplex without any notice or warning. This had a huge impact on the community, as it came somewhat out of the blue for many. It’s alright though, Mineplex had a decade worth of life that brought millions joy and entertainment. Rest in peace our beloved server, we’ll miss you!

Mineplex Shut Down


Alternative Minigames Servers

Minecraft Minigames Servers

Whether you played Mineplex or not, there’s always been alternative choices to this server. Some of these are small and trying to become popular, while others have already achieved this staggering feat. You might have heard of them before, but some players might argue otherwise. In the past couple of years, crossplay between Java and Bedrock became the new normal for minigames servers. This is to reach more users and provide an experience that anyone can enjoy. Fans of skywars, parkour, and other modes found this to be an extremely useful feature. In the older days of Minecraft, this wasn’t even possible! Luckily, many server owners are taking it upon themselves to implement such features so you and others can join their network on most devices. The list of alternative choices for Mineplex can be found below with their IP Address, so give them a shot!


Hypixel Server

No shocker here, the first on our list is Hypixel. This is by far the most popular Minecraft server online, which is entirely built upon minigames. There’s countless opportunities to customize your character, earn rewards, play with friends, and have a unique experience in the game. On average, there’s around 40,000 active Java users with an all-time peak of 200,000. This is unheard of in Minecraft, well it used to be many years ago. Nowadays, it’s a common accomplishment for Hypixel due to its smart gameplay design by countless developers.

We strongly recommend playing on this server, which you can by using the mc.hypixel.net address to join.


If you’re wanting a crossplay experience for minigames, then consider CubeCraft! This is an upcoming server with 10,000 active players across Bedrock and some on Java. There’s even more possibilities with this network, such as 3D custom models, unique gamemodes, among countless others. You can try out egg wars or lucky islands to have an amazing time with friends. This is amplified if you use Bedrock to play, as this version of Minecraft offers more customization compared to its counterpart. It’s also considered a featured server by Mojang, giving it more influence to build a playerbase.

CubeCraft Server

Its address is play.cubecraft.net and can be used across multiple platforms, so give it a chance to see how you like it.


Among Us Minecraft

Keeping up with gaming trends, the Performium server offers its players the ability to enjoy Among Us in Minecraft. That’s right, you can be a sussy imposter and win the game with your clever tactics. Otherwise, you can try out other standard gamemodes if you’re feeling traditional. These include hunger games and more that are commonly found in minigames servers. As it stands right now, they are only offering this for Java users. The Bedrock version is in the works and will hopefully come soon so you can try it out on whatever device you want.

Use mc.performium.net to join and begin your fun adventure with friends!

The Hive

A completely exclusive Bedrock network known as The Hive is another wonderful choice to try out in Minecraft. This is yet another featured server by Mojang, mainly due to its high popularity and clever design. It has around 10,000 active users on any given day that play all sorts of minigames. Whether you want capture the flag or block party, there’s tons of modes to enjoy. Most of them are uncommon for Minecraft, at least on Java since Bedrock has a superior variation of content. This is perfect for children and kids of all ages to play, especially for families!

The Hive Server

Use geo.hivebedrock.network to make this connection or simply find it in the featured server list.


Remember, players have a wide range of options even if Mineplex is lost to time. It may be sad that this server was forced to shut down, but at least its player base can find a new home for minigames. Whether you’re on Java or Bedrock, you have opportunities to enjoy countless gamemodes with friends and family. If you’re wanting to create your own server for this instead, then review our selection here. Otherwise, you can simply choose any minigame you want from the panel if you already own one. Besides all that, we hope this blog gave you alternatives to Mineplex so you can yet again start having fun. Have a good one, gamers!

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