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Admin Panel Rust Plugin

Last modified on May 9, 2023 in Rust

mc head By Nathan Young


Hosting a dedicated Rust server typically involves using uMod plugins, allowing owners to add custom features. Some of these include admin privileges, such as teleportation, godmode, and lots of other similar functionality. Almost every plugin requires you to enter chat commands, which can occasionally be a hassle. Fortunately, a developer created a system that makes everything easier for you. Introducing the Admin Panel for Rust, a uMod plugin integrating with popular addons to make management simpler. Instead of using commands, you’ll just have to click a button in a GUI menu to execute them. This is a small plugin that gives you many configurable options, with some needed permissions. With this in mind, we’ll show you how to install Admin Panel on your Rust server in this Apex Hosting.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel plugin on uMod’s website.
  2. To the right side of the page, press the Download button.
    Admin Panel Rust Download
  3. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.



Our simplified panel makes it easy to install the Admin Panel plugin on your server, as it’ll only take a few minutes. Follow these steps below to begin the installation process.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Rust FTP Server

    Important: Make sure to use the correct Server Profile for this installation.

  2. Continue to enter your password in the text box and press Login.
    Rust FTP Login
  3. Locate the oxide directory from the list of files in the main area.
    Rust oxide Folder
  4. Proceed to enter the plugins folder, then click Upload in the top left corner.
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the respective area.
    Admin Panel Rust Installation
  6. Wait for this to reach 100% and return to the main panel to Restart the server.
  7. Once it’s finished loading, join to confirm everything is working.


Getting Started

Rust Admin Plugins

Upon joining the server, you may not notice anything right away. This is likely caused from not being an admin, so make sure you configure your account to be one. Afterward, you’ll want to use Oxide commands to add the following permission: adminpanel.allowed. This grants you the ability to see and use the admin panel, which is near the top right corner of the game screen. Once everything is set up, you’ll see a “Teleport” function as the only available option. If you’re wanting additional functionality, specific plugins must be installed on the server. The subsection below shows you popular addons to implement into Admin Panel.

Installing Addons

Unfortunately, the main plugin doesn’t come with custom functions for you to easily get started. This has to be done manually, meaning you’re required to install other plugins that interact with Admin Panel. The list below reveals more information about each one to use.
Admin Radar – Using this allows you to easily detect cheaters by adding player locations, health, distance, and other important information on your screen. Enabling this in Admin Panel grants you the ability to toggle specific details that appear, all from a GUI menu near the bottom. Otherwise, you can enable everything to get a full grasp of player interactions in-game.
Godmode – As the name suggests, this plugin permits you to be in godmode. In other words, you are invincible from any attacks from players, environmental damage, or creatures. Additionally, you can infinitely run, have looting protection, and other features if properly configured. A simple click from a button toggles these functions if integrated with Admin Panel.
Vanish – Similarly to godmode, this plugin is straightforward since it makes you invisible from any player. This also includes turrets, helicopters, NPCs, etc., from seeing your character. Additionally, you’re permitted to unlock all locks, damage others while in vanish mode, and to become permanently invisible. The Admin Panel’s GUI only requires a simple click to toggle this functionality.
Player Administration – By far the most important addon, this allows you to fully manage your playerbase. Whether you’re wanting to heal a player or punish them, this plugin does that and more. Out of the previous ones we’ve listed above, this one has a custom GUI with many possibilities. We highly recommend installing Player Administration with Admin Panel for the best results.

Using Admin Panel

When you’ve installed other plugins, you’ll notice more buttons available in the top right corner of your game’s screen. Simply click on one of them to initiate the addon’s functionality, such as “God” enabling godmode. Each button is customizable in Admin Panel’s configuration file, meaning you can control their sizes, positions, and colors.




Using Player Administration as an example, selecting this option from your list in-game opens a new menu. In this area, you can ban anyone despite them being online or offline. Additionally, there’s a complete list of banned users that’s accessible in the GUI.

Other addons either make more buttons appear or simply execute a command from it. Make sure to have each plugin’s permission assigned to your account, as this is required to even view them in Admin Panel.


These permissions will cover the main plugin and its available addons. Adding all of these to your account through Oxide commands is highly recommended. Doing this requires you to enter the following in the server’s Console: oxide.grant [user/group] [name/steamID64] [permission]. If successful, it’ll return a success message and you can begin seeing the functions in-game. However, you may have to run the /adminpanel show chat command to apply the changes. Besides this, review the list below to gain a better understanding of all of them.

adminpanel.autotoggle.adminToggles the panel automatically regardless of it being added or removed from the admin group.
adminpanel.allowedAllows you to see and use the admin panel.
adminradar.allowedUsed to enable the Admin Radar in the panel.
godmode.toggleUsed to enable Godmode in the panel.
vanish.allowUsed to enable Vanish in the panel.
playeradministration.access.showUsed to enable Player Administration in the panel.


Chat Commands

As hinted in the above sections, there are some chat commands from Admin Panel available to use. These are helpful when making changes to your permissions, teleportation, and more. Keeping this in mind, review the list below to understand them all.

/adminpanel hideHides the admin panel from viewing in-game.
/adminpanel showRefreshes and displays the admin panel.
/adminpanel settpSets your custom teleportation location from your character’s position.
/adminpanel settp allSets the teleport location for all admins.
/adminpanel removetpRemoves your custom teleportation.



If you’re wanting to make changes to the button’s style, then editing the plugin’s configuration file is required. This is directly accessible from the FTP panel, which has a built-in editor to make your changes easier. Additionally, all other plugins share the same process if you wish to view their configs. Follow these instructions to learn how to access and tweak the file.

  1. Navigate to the FTP File Access area from your main server panel.
  2. Login, then enter the following directory: …/oxide/config.
    Rust Admin Panel config Folder
  3. Locate the AdminPanel.json and press Edit to the far right of it.
    Rust AdminPanel.json
  4. Continue to make your desired changes, then click Save at the top.
    Rust Admin Panel Settings
  5. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the edits.


Common Issues

Admin Panel isn’t Working

In some cases, the plugin will not function properly. This is likely due to uMod either being disabled or a lack of permissions. Make sure uMod Support is check marked in Customizations from the main panel, then ensure you’ve assigned adminpanel.allowed to your account. Additionally, becoming an admin of the Rust server highly suggested for everything to work without issues.

Unable to See Other Buttons

Remember, you must install the other plugins to have the buttons appear in-game. This is an absolute requirement for their functions to work properly. However, you also have to assign their respective permissions to your account before seeing their buttons in Admin Panel’s GUI menu. Otherwise, the plugin you’ve installed isn’t supported by it and will not properly integrate.

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