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How to Add New Mobs in Minecraft

Last modified on Nov 2, 2023 in General

mc head By Nathan Young

Adding New Mobs in Minecraft


After playing Minecraft for a prolonged period of time, you and others alike may want new mobs in the world. Whether you want more animal diversity or simply fun creatures to enjoy, there are lots of opportunities to consider. However, the exact process to accomplish this can take many different forms. These range from designing your own custom mobs to installing addons for premade ones. This means you have a wide variety of options to play around with, leading to an amazing wildlife experience in Minecraft. However, it should be noted that this varies depending on what edition of the game you’re using. With this in mind, we’ll show you all the methods to add new mobs in Minecraft across all editions from this Apex Hosting guide.

How to Add New Mobs in Minecraft

Minecraft New Mobs

As previously mentioned above, there are a couple of ways to add new mobs in Minecraft. These include using an external program to design your own, installing mods or plugins, and setting up Bedrock addons for those using that edition. We’ll give you a few examples of what each method can do to help you get started on this task. Although, it’s worth noting that the Minecraft version can determine what’s available. For example, some modifications might only work on 1.16 and won’t be compatible with others. In cases where you’re unable to introduce custom mobs, then consider retexturing them to act as “new” ones. Besides this, review the subsections below when you’re ready to begin learning how to add extra animals in Minecraft.

Design Your Own Mobs

Players have the ability to create their own mobs with the Minecraft Entity Wizard, which was released in recent years. This is a tool based on the Blockbench application, which is completely free and safe to try out. For example, you can design entirely new animals in any shape or size. Alternatively, using it to alter in-game behaviors and textures are another option to consider. We highly recommend using this tool to make your own mobs in Minecraft, across both editions.

Red Panda Minecraft


Use Plugins / Mods to add new mobs in Minecraft

Minecraft Custom Mobs

In most cases, players won’t find the time or energy to design their own creatures for Minecraft. Due to this, they may choose to install mods or plugins to achieve similar results. Whether you decide to try Alex’s Mobs for Forge or MythicMobs for Spigot, there are endless possibilities. It’s strongly recommended to use a Minecraft server for these, as you’ll be given more opportunities to add new animals. Once installed, you can enjoy giraffes or custom bosses for extra fun in-game.


Install Bedrock Addons

For those only looking to use the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, there’s another way to add new mobs. This process involves installing addons or purchasing packs from the marketplace. Whether you want custom creatures or unique textures with effects, you have plenty of options. The vast majority of these addons are only available through the official marketplace, but some might be online for free. Keep this in mind when trying to add new mobs in Minecraft Bedrock.

Minecraft Bedrock Mob Addons



Regardless of what Minecraft version and edition you play on, there’s always a chance for new mobs to appear in-game. All it takes are mods, plugins, addons, or the Entity Wizard tool to accomplish. This means you have a wide range of available options to consider. Whether you want unique bosses or elephants, it’s entirely up to you. With all this said and done, we hope this guide helped you learn about the ways to add new mobs in Minecraft.

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