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Posted: Oct 10, 2019 in Company News

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If you haven’t seen we’ve completely redone our website to be cleaner and even more awesome! Fall is in the air and we felt with the changes in the season and changes to our website we should celebrate with a new sale! We are giving 25% off your first invoice when using the code: FALLDMG


Location, location, location


We have recently added tons of new locations to ensure that everyone has a location for them! You can see a full list here with all our test servers to give it a try!

  • Portland, Oregon: or.apexmc.co
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: nv.apexmc.co
  • Dallas, Texas: tx.apexmc.co
  • Vint Hill, Virginia: va.apexmc.co
  • Miami, Florida: fl.apexmc.co
  • Montreal, Quebec: ca.apexmc.co
  • São Paulo, Brazil: br.apexmc.co
  • London, United Kingdom: uk.apexmc.co
  • France: fr.apexmc.co
  • Warsaw, Poland: pl.apexmc.co
  • Frankfurt, Germany: de.apexmc.co
  • Moscow, Russia: ru.apexmc.co
  • Hong Kong, China: hk.apexmc.co
  • Singapore: sg.apexmc.co
  • Sydney, Australia: au.apexmc.co


Gametypes, modpacks, and more! 


We have the biggest selection of modpacks and versions to choose from. You can view our ever growing list here. We also have a bunch of hand crafted mini games and gametypes to be installed instantly on your server which you can find here.


The best of the best!


With Apex you are getting the best in server performance, DDOS protection, ease of use, true 24/7 support and more! Be sure to checkout the new site and start your server adventure today! If you have questions our Live Chat team is ready to help you with anything you need!


Happy Fall,

Apex Hosting

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